Yeawon Kim is a design researcher, UX designer and storyteller who creates patterns of visual data, as a way to make connections between natural and virtual ecologies, as well as speculative fiction. Although her area of practice has been based on the aesthetics of visual language, she enjoys investigating how technology can suggest and distort one’s reality to extend architectural spaces in the dimension of digital empathy.

As a trans-national female, she is originally from South Korea and currently resides in Silicon Valley area, and became interested in the gestures of cultural sentiment that can be revealed by observing how people interact with ordinary digital environments. This lead her to currently focus on the term “Han,” a cultural sentiment in Korea, which is the sense of having been “wronged” by a superior agent. Sometimes it is fate and fortune, or digital/natural ecosystem. Sociologically speaking, Han may be defined as ironies unresolved.

If technology is an extension of the human body, as Marshal McLuhan says, she finds the human body as the extension of physical built architectural spaces.


Art Center College of Design (ACCD)
Master of Fine Arts, Media Design Practice (STEM)
MFA Scholarship

Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Graphic Design
Graduation with honors

Exhibition & Presentation

AAAI Conference: Designing the User
Experience for Artificial Intelligence

2018 Stanford University, Stanford, CA

Design Incubation: Colloquium 4.2, CAA 2018
2018 LA Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA

Ars Electronica Festival
Internet Of Enlightened Things
2017 Linz, Vienna

MDP W-I-P Show
2016, 2017 Art Center College of Design,
Pasadena, CA

RISD Degree Project Show
2014 Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI

Thesis & Research

Internet of Living Structure
Biomimetic Architecture for emotional sustainability
Lead Faculty: Tim Durfee
MFA Thesis 2018

Insectile Indices
Insect cyborg : Speculative fiction based on DARPA’s experiments
Lead Faculty: Philip van Allen, Ben Hooker
Project presented at AAAI conference 2018

Laboratory of Speculative Ethnology
Lead Faculty: Elizabeth Chin
Research 2017

Eo-Ur-Lim(어울림): Future of Reunified Korean Identity and Education System
Lead Faculty: Tom Ockerse
BFA Degree Project 2014

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