Design studies: comparison between Dunne & Raby’s Speculative Everything and Carl Disalvo’s Adversarial Design.
Brand persona analyzed based on ‘Goal,’ ‘Mission’ and ‘Onlyness.’Bubble as somatic, behavioral manifestation of anger
Ancestor Tree ( tree containing family member’s DNA) as columns to support residential structure in Asia. 

Speculate about entropy, emotion and origami: Deconstruction as reconstruction
Geodesic Dome as Korean Spa, every space creates different ecosystem for therapy

Memory Cube - sptial ideation
 Diagram about possible, plausible, probable, preferable, AND accidental, unavoidable future during the class by Stuart Candy 
Drawing experiments to imitate role of proliferation

 Concept of Entropy
 Future FoodLab: what is the possible dishes in near and far future?
Dart Game as metaphor of prediction
Future food lab, Mammoth tataki for Baptism
What is the possible life forms in different dimension of space?
Robotic space to drain one’s desire in Casino
Machine to Wish and Confess, deployed in Thai town in LA